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20UDM High Efficiency Underslung Genset Set for Reefer Container

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Reefer genset
A generator can be an important addition to your refrigerated container. A diesel generator is able to run a container for up to 5 days without the need to refill fuel.
UNIV we are reefer genset manufacturer, since 2007yrs.
Our genset has an advanced controller and the genset is fairly easy to maintain. In addition, we are proud of the performance, including the low fuel consumption compared to competitors, the lower weight and the possibility to supply two containers with power at the same time.

What Types Of Generators Are There?

Underslung Genset

undermount generator is firmly anchored to a truck’s container chassis. This type of generator is suitable for refrigerated containers as well as for heating cargo. An undermount generator is especially suitable if you want to transport by frequently changing containers by truck.

A generator of this type has a weight of around 700 kgs .

Clip-on Genset

Clip-on genset is a generator that is linked to a reefer container to provide power during transport or when shore power is not available. This addition to a reefer container is ideal for events, catering or as temporary (additional) cooling capacity.

Generator Model 20ESX 20UDM
Rated Power (KW) 20kw/25kva 20kw/25kva
Frequency (HZ) 60 60
Voltage (V) 460V 460V
Noice Level (dBA) 74/1M 74/1M
Amps (A) 23.5A 23.5A
Engine water cooled, 4 stroke water cooled, 4 stroke
Model 404D-22G (Perkins) 404D-22G (Perkins)
12hrs Rated Power(KW) 21.3 21.3
Cylinder 4 4
Bore×stroke(mm) 84×100 84×100
Intake Method Nature Intake Nature Intake
Displacement(L) 2.216 2.216
Fuel consumption(L/h) 3.1L/h 3.1L/h
Cooling starting method Electric start Electric start
Engine manufacturer Perkins Perkins
Alternator MeccAlte Brushless, Self exciting MeccAlte Brushless, Self exciting
Rated power(kVA) 25kw/31KVA 25kw/31KVA
Rated currency(A) 31.5 31.5
Rated voltage(V) 460V 460V
Power factor(cosø) 0.8lagging 0.8lagging
Phase / Rotary speed 3-phase,1800rpm 3-phase,1800rpm
Excitation Self-exciting Self-exciting
Voltage regulation Automatic Automatic
Net weight (kg) 1000 680
Packing size L×W×H (mm) 2368x729x1073 1390x1613x828
Fuel tank capacity (L) 310 180
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